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First, read this:…

DeviantART and its mods can officially kiss the fattest part of my ass. It's one thing if various users don't care whether or not a trans person or a neutrois person or what have you can pick a valid option for their gender when asked. It's another thing entirely when you're in charge of the place, you're asked about it, you're then told why it's a problem, and then you piss all over the complaining party and can't even be bothered to apologize for not getting it.

This, on top of some depressingly inconsistent moderation (porn and hate art, anyone?) and excruciatingly irritating ad direction, is why I'm downloading all my art and leaving this account as a shell. Sorry to people who have fav'd any of my work and sorry to my watchers (although you won't be missing much anyway, I haven't updated in like a year), but deviantART clearly doesn't understand the definition of the term 'deviant' anymore.


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Spicy-Demon Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello CuddlyDemon! My name's SpicyDemon! Nice to meet you! :hug:
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Happy DA-listed birthday.
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I miss coloring your stuff.
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<.< Pick something and color it?
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I now dub you super llama!
*Hands over awesome red cape*
Now go an spread dA llama love!

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:icondragonglomp: RAWR
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